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Joseph Kashou September 08, 2019

An Explanation Of The Legal Reserve Life Insurance System

The State Insurance Department

The State Insurance Department is a most vital department in each of our fifty states and Puerto Rico. The Departments perform regular audits, review complaints from...

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Joseph Kashou June 18, 2019

Tax Reform Fuels Senior Life Settlement Sector

As a business owner, you have a not-so-silent partner sitting in your boardroom. His name is Uncle Sam. He never signed a partnership agreement or anted up for his stake in your company, but he is...

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Joseph Kashou June 07, 2019

Is A Life Settlement The Right Choice For Your Client?

Many retirees may have been compelled to abandon the comfort of a conservative asset allocation over the last decade. Anemic fixed income markets have made finding safe yield hard to find, pushing...

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Joseph Kashou April 17, 2019

Converting Longevity Risk into Cash

As an Advisor, you probably know more about your clients’ finances than anyone else outside of their family. We focus on their cash assets, with a glance at their life insurance holdings. This...

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Joseph Kashou April 03, 2019

Betting On Death

Death Bonds, Morbid Investments, and other short-sighted parenthetical references have been made about Senior Life Settlements in the popular and financial press, emphasizing only that the Life...

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