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Joseph Kashou April 17, 2019

Converting Longevity Risk into Cash

As an Advisor, you probably know more about your clients’ finances than anyone else outside of their family. We focus on their cash assets, with a glance at their life insurance holdings. This...

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Joseph Kashou April 03, 2019

Betting On Death

Death Bonds, Morbid Investments, and other short-sighted parenthetical references have been made about Senior Life Settlements in the popular and financial press, emphasizing only that the Life...

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Joseph Kashou March 21, 2019

Senior Life Settlements: Awareness and Acceptance Increasing

The Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) published data on the increasing awareness and acceptance for Life Settlements. All this has been driven by economic, regulatory and legislative...

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Joseph Kashou March 06, 2019

Found Money

One of the joys of spring is bringing warmer weather clothes out of storage. You may find the $20 in your blue jeans pocket that you forgot about last year. Like those jeans, there's money to be...

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Joseph Kashou February 06, 2019

The Supply-Side Perspective Of Life Settlements

Millions of Americans own life insurance policies. Just like the things that people no longer need or want that they put up for bid on eBay, life insurance can become one of those things that you...

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