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LifeTrust has been providing Life Settlement Services to Funders since 2002.



LifeTrust has been a Life Settlement Provider for over 17 years and has prided itself over the years for acting in an ethical, moral, and financially responsible manner, putting the needs of the Funder ahead of LifeTrust in order to build a long term relationship. LifeTrust’s original Funders are still acquiring policies from LifeTrust.

Joseph Kashou founded LifeTrust, LLC in 2002. He serves as Managing Member and handles the day to day operations of LifeTrust. He also is responsible for client procedures and system profiling for future case flow. In addition, he is responsible for new broker relations and due diligence.

Kashou began his career with Dominion Asset Development, a real estate development firm based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. As an asset manager, he oversaw project budgets and schedules. He worked closely with clients and project managers to help understand clients’ objectives and needs. During this time, he became aware of a new emerging market for Life Settlements. After two years of market research and business modeling, he was ready to bring institutional monies directly into the Life Settlement markets.

Kashou earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Auburn University.


Why consider LifeTrust? We take pride in many tenants, including:

  • Licensed or otherwise qualified to do business in 32 states and Washington D.C.
  • Membership in of LISA (Life Insurance Settlement Association) since 2004.
  • Marketing its services to large distribution firms and insurance agents and becoming one of the most respected Life Settlement Providers in the industry.
  • Facilitating over $650 million in aggregate death benefit of insurance policies.
  • Providing policies to numerous major investments banks in the U.S.
  • One of the few Providers who run a paperless office, meaning all information is kept in digital format with secure access. Any information received through other means is scanned then shredded.
  • An active and participating member of the LISA New York Public Awareness Campaign.


Unparalleled Expertise

LifeTrust has instituted procedures and policies designed to establish its compliance with relevant laws and regulations. LifeTrust scrutinizes every aspect of a potential life settlement case starting with the Distribution Firms and Agents approval process. Any Distribution Firms or Agent wishing to become approved must fill out a Due Diligence Questionnaire, provide required copies of their anti-fraud and privacy policies as well as copies of their state licenses.

LifeTrust puts every policy though a very detailed review process; this process is broken down into several Critical Steps that go along with the Closing Process. Each step is designed to Compare and Check current information with information given in the past including the information given to the insurance carrier at the time the policy was issued. If at any time LifeTrust finds discrepancies LifeTrust will issue a decline to purchase notice to all parties. LifeTrust has provided policies to major investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Credit Suisse, Hedge Funds, open-end listed Public Funds, and Private closed-end and open-end European Funds.

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